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A deep introspection!

I believe pursuing one’s passion requires a certain determination and strength of character. My life is riddled with successes, failures and surprises. With time, I’ve developed a flair to appreciate and learn from every situations that I come across – be

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Safe space – What is it?

Before talking about safe spaces, I wonder if you’ve watched South Park episodes. It isn’t broadcasted here in India but you could watch partial episodes on their official website. It’s a very successful and funny adult cartoon series in the US that majorly revolves around five kids in a small

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Technical Glitch

So the other day, the computer suddenly died on me. I tried to breathe life into it, but the computer did not comply. After going to the starter screen, it spluttered and died, and restarted over and over again. Puzzled, I opened all the portals and channels and tried to

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The 99% accuracy dilemma!

Today I came across an interesting mathematical puzzle on probability and wanted to share here. This could be a long read but I hope you would find it interesting 🙂

So here’s the Case: A certain disease “A” is known to have been affecting 1 out of 1000 people and it

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Raj Kapoor – The legend

raj kapoor

On 2nd June 1988, unfortunately Raj Kapoor Sir breathed his last. He was one of the pioneers of Indian cinema, whose contribution still remains invaluable. His films demonstrate an understanding of music and direction that continue to influence Bollywood

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