Google Plus Cheat Sheet

Amongst social networks, Facebook, undoubtedly takes away with it, the largest share of pie. Facebook is where everybody is. It has all the people you know and love. And while Google plus may suffer from a lack of known friends, it is quite good at connecting you with other people who share common interests.

One may put it this way:

Twitter is where you talk to people you don’t know.
Facebook is where you talk to people you know.
Google plus is where you talk to people you want to know.

I love how google plus appears capable of doing everything. It has features of Facebook, skype, twitter, messengers, email and forums – all combined. But to each, his own. It doesn’t really matter who uses what as long as one enjoys what he/she gets out of the experience.

This infographic below lists out the tips and shortcuts of Google plus. Hope you like them!

google cheat sheet


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