A note on Odisha tourism

India is a picturesque nation with each state offering an amazing and unique experience thanks to its notable offerings in the form of food, culture, people, wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty. Scope of tourism for any place improves as more and more tourists discover its history, culture and natural setting it offers. And when there is a sense of hospitality extended by the host state, any place with historical significance or otherwise naturally attracts attention. Odisha tourism has been quite effective at doing exactly the same. The state tourism quite well exemplifies “Atithi Devo Bhava”. Here’s some official statistics sourced from Odisha Tourism website. (Quick tip: You can find absolute numbers as you hover over the trend lines)


Tourism creates an ecosystem where economy gradually evolves, eventually leading up to increased revenue sources. The state has a 560 km long shoreline, some of the most vibrant rivers, largest deltas, lakes and breath-taking terrains in the world. Yes, the state has  been blessed by the nature a little more to envy 😉 Apart from the natural treasures, the mythological Grandeur and historical significance of erstwhile Kalinga state has also contributed towards it as an attractive tourism destination.

The city of Bhubaneswar, where I belong to – has more than 600 temples in and around. The Puri beach, its famous Jagannath temple, the excellent art pieces and handicrafts of Pipli, the Chilika lake, Similipal Tiger reserve and not to mention – the monuments of historical significance scattered through out the state, is sure to stir up a nostalgic and much informative experience. If you like forts and palaces, don’t miss out on visiting Barabati fort, Raibania Fort, Chudanga fort and Sisupalgarh. One can also take pleasure in the state aided museums.

Odisha has some amazing picturesque spots for forests and mountains with hot Springs and waterfalls. While I’ve not been able to visit many places around, I hope to explore the state in my next vacation.

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