A note on Odisha tourism

India is a picturesque nation with each state offering an amazing and unique experience thanks to its notable offerings in the form of food, culture, people, wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty. Scope... Read more »
Safe surfing

Safe Surfing!

The internet has become a scary place. It’s no surprise that cyber espionage, hacking, identity thefts have astronomically evolved over the period of time. There are innumerable opportunities for cyber criminals to... Read more »

Forest Cover in Odisha | Tableau Visualization

    Here’s an attempt at creating a fact-sheet on forest cover in Odisha, developed using the Tableau Public software. The dataset used here has been sourced from Open Government Data Platform. If you ... Read more »

A deep introspection!

I believe pursuing one’s passion requires a certain determination and strength of character. My life is riddled with successes, failures and surprises. With time, I’ve developed a flair to appreciate and learn... Read more »

Top 10 factors that influence buying decisions

Any kind of commercial transaction that takes place over internet is commonly called eCommerce. It gives the customer the ability to buy from a seller without having much constraints imposed by time... Read more »

Google Plus Cheat Sheet

Amongst social networks, Facebook, undoubtedly takes away with it, the largest share of pie. Facebook is where everybody is. It has all the people you know and love. And while Google plus... Read more »
Lepakshi Temple

My visit to Lepakshi Temple.

Some 130 kms away from the city of Bangalore, Lepakshi temple is an architectural marvel one should definitely plan to visit. Also known as Veerabhadra temple, it is located in the Anantapur... Read more »

Safe space – What is it?

Before talking about safe spaces, I wonder if you’ve watched South Park episodes. It isn’t broadcasted here in India but you could watch partial episodes on their official website. It’s a very... Read more »

Infographic – Email Marketing explained

Email marketing is an economical way in which a website/business owner constantly stays in touch with his subscribers/clients while also promoting his business interests. In a broader sense, any communication in the... Read more »

Infographic – Affiliate Marketing explained

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways by which affiliates/web masters earn commissions by driving traffic from their personal website/mobile site/mobile app to the seller website. Its a win-win situation for both... Read more »
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