Technical Glitch

So the other day, the computer suddenly died on me. I tried to breathe life into it, but the computer did not comply. After going to the starter screen, it spluttered and died, and restarted over and over again. Puzzled, I opened all the portals and channels and tried to restore it. To no avail. Windows Seven did the same thing as Windows 98 and crashed.


Tired and hopelessly sad, I went over to a techie friend to get it fixed. For half an hour, he overwhelmed me with the evils of Microsoft, and the next one-hour went into the benefits of Linux. When I was about to fall asleep, he deigned to check my computer, and told me it was a hard disk issue, and probably needed to be fixed at the service center.

Disheartened, I was coming back when a sudden bit of memory made me change the startup order in the BIOS. And lo and behold! The computer was starting up again! I did a little jig in the room and told myself I was a technical wizard, shut off the computer and went to sleep.

The next morning, my computer was smart enough to show a proper hard disk crash error. Service center it had to be.

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